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Kiss Of Death A Brief History Of Lipstick

The use of lipstick can be track down as far as the mesopotamian era they used semiprecious jewels to decorate their lips. The Egyptians extracted purpulish-red dye from fucus-algin, iodine and bromine brannite wich resulted in serius illness and causing death there fore they would call the ilness  the kiss of death. Cleopatra used carmine beatles that gave the deep red pigment and ants for a base; lipsticks with shimmering effects had fish scales called pearlescence. The first solid lipstick was invented during the Islamic golden age and in Medival Europe lisptick was banned and though to be used as a incarnation of Satan.  Red lipstick gain popularity in 16th century England thanks to Elizabeth I who made snow wite face and rose red lips a fashion statement. During this period lipsticks where made now from beeswax and plant stains, but only upper class woman and male actors wore makeup. In 1770 the Brittish parliament by law banned lipstick before the wedding day and about 100 years later once again lipstick was considered a fashion no no thanks to Queen Victoria who thought it was untasteful uless you were a prostitute. During the 1800's lipstick took some big steps from being banned in England to reports going around warning woman of its dengers of lead and vermillion used in all cosmetics for the face, but by the end of the century the first commercial lipstick was born thanks to the french perfumers made from  deer tallow, castor oil and beeswax.
Once again the 19th century brought back lipstick in to fashion; by 1915, lipstick was sold in cylinder metal containers and only eight years later  first swivel-up tube was patented. Through the 1920's and 1930's the movie industry created a demand for lipstick, red lipstick standed out from the black and white.  Woman wanted to look like movie stars and wore red lipstick in photographs, there fore photograpy made it okay for woman to wear lipstick. During World War II petrolium and castor oil became unablailabe and just about the only good thing that came out of that war was the first long lasting lipstick. The evolution of color has come rom icons such as  Marylin Monroe staple red lips to the power house Ronettes making white lipstick popular and during this time (around the 1960's) it was seen as a sing of mental illness or lesbianism to not wear any lipstick at all. During the late 70's to the 80's we can thank woman such as Siuxie rocked the black lipstick.
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This Girl's View On Girl-Hate.

Out of all the things I can't tolerate  in woman today is most of them saying “ I hate being friends with other girls because they are all drama queens, I would rather hang out with guys”.  Or even worse they actually claim to think like a guy as if thinking like a woman is degrating.  When truth be told guys are just as dramatic as girls,which is just a personality issue ok? and it really saddens me when I have to defend myself over some sexist comment made by some guy and I just go on and on and on about the whole subject and there's just happens to be some girl telling me to chill out, that it's no big deal and the guy just laughs and tell me how come you're not as cool as her?. So, now all of the sudden pretending to be one of the guys and leaving your female sisters hanging and midnly offending them is suddenly cool? and what ticks me off the most is that they do this just to get accepted as one of the guys, why on earth would any girl want to do that?. Oh, and thanks to this type of situations I'm left as being a sour puss with no sense of humor when in reality I'm actually pretty funny!  Personally I love being a girl, the makeup, the clothes,the shoes, the nailpolish! I'ts all great! and we can like Soccer, and football, videogames, comic books all at the same time, we are all different and for that reason we should accept each other as we are and stand up for our rights as women, yes some of us have boyfriends and some of us girlfriends but that doesn't take our feminity away.
and truth be told I find myself hanging out with guys more than I do with girls ( I know what you're thinking) but not because I choose it, deep down I wish I had more female friends I love the relationships between girls I long for that type of realtionships, I just don't know how to go about making friends with girls, most of them just hate me at first sight or don't even bother to make conversation and it does not just happen to me and I blame it on all the girl-hate going on these days and for that reason it's even more sad that this type of thing is so common now between us girls, that the fact that we as women look to each other and admire each other we prefer to turn that into jealousy and just hate on each other instead, when we could be bonding and starting beautiful friendships. I'm sorry if  bashing anyone with this, it's not my intention at all, it's more of an eye opening topic for all the girls out there that do this to each other to just stop and let the love flow out to one another. For we have the right to wear lipstick and have our own opinions.


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