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This Girl's View On Girl-Hate.

Out of all the things I can't tolerate  in woman today is most of them saying “ I hate being friends with other girls because they are all drama queens, I would rather hang out with guys”.  Or even worse they actually claim to think like a guy as if thinking like a woman is degrating.  When truth be told guys are just as dramatic as girls,which is just a personality issue ok? and it really saddens me when I have to defend myself over some sexist comment made by some guy and I just go on and on and on about the whole subject and there's just happens to be some girl telling me to chill out, that it's no big deal and the guy just laughs and tell me how come you're not as cool as her?. So, now all of the sudden pretending to be one of the guys and leaving your female sisters hanging and midnly offending them is suddenly cool? and what ticks me off the most is that they do this just to get accepted as one of the guys, why on earth would any girl want to do that?. Oh, and thanks to this type of situations I'm left as being a sour puss with no sense of humor when in reality I'm actually pretty funny!  Personally I love being a girl, the makeup, the clothes,the shoes, the nailpolish! I'ts all great! and we can like Soccer, and football, videogames, comic books all at the same time, we are all different and for that reason we should accept each other as we are and stand up for our rights as women, yes some of us have boyfriends and some of us girlfriends but that doesn't take our feminity away.
and truth be told I find myself hanging out with guys more than I do with girls ( I know what you're thinking) but not because I choose it, deep down I wish I had more female friends I love the relationships between girls I long for that type of realtionships, I just don't know how to go about making friends with girls, most of them just hate me at first sight or don't even bother to make conversation and it does not just happen to me and I blame it on all the girl-hate going on these days and for that reason it's even more sad that this type of thing is so common now between us girls, that the fact that we as women look to each other and admire each other we prefer to turn that into jealousy and just hate on each other instead, when we could be bonding and starting beautiful friendships. I'm sorry if  bashing anyone with this, it's not my intention at all, it's more of an eye opening topic for all the girls out there that do this to each other to just stop and let the love flow out to one another. For we have the right to wear lipstick and have our own opinions.


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lipstick queen dijo...

I completely agree with you on this one Melody! And its trully a very sad thing. I believe that its society's way of keeping woman down by keeping us divided. Its a seed deep down inside that keeps woman on hating on eachother for no apparent reazon! I do belive its a crisis in todays culture how insecure woman really are because of social presure; you must act,walk,talk and dress a certain way to fall under the gang of cool. What's even more sad is that down the line say ten years from now no one will remember what you wore! So feed your soul and your ego, people will remember who you are not those pricey shoes. This is the reazon why we are still under paid and unapreciated because of the lack of support that woman have torward each other. Its not enough to be a feminist if you do not practice it, it's not enough to believe in the right cause if you hate the girl sitting next to you only because she's got prettier and its more carismatic. Equality will come when woman say enough is enough. Girls world wide UNITE!
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