lunes, 14 de febrero de 2011

You married a music man.

Pattie Boyd

An iconic figure of the 1960s and '70s former wife of George Harrison of The Beatles.

Have a Happy Valentines Day My Dear Ones!

THAT 70'S SHOW marc jacobs spring summer 2011

karlie, agnete, kamila, eden, toni by steven meisel for vogue italia

viernes, 11 de febrero de 2011

The Bell Jar , Sylvia Plath

Do you know what a poem is, Esther?’
‘No, what?’ I said.
‘A piece of dust.’ And he looked so proud of having thought of this that I just stared at his blond hair and his blue eyes and his white teeth - he had very long, strong white teeth - and said ‘I guess so.’
It was only in the middle of New York a whole year later that I finally thought of an answer to that remark. I spent a lot of time having imaginary conversations with Buddy Willard. He was a couple of years older than I was and very scientific, so he could always prove things. When I was with him I had to work to keep my head above water.
These conversations I had in my mind usually repeated the beginnings of conversations I’d really had with Buddy, only they finished with me answering him back quite sharply, instead of just sitting around and saying ‘I guess so’.
Now, lying back in bed, I imagined Buddy saying, ‘Do you know what a poem is Esther?’
‘No, what?’ I would say.
‘A piece of dust.’
Then just as he was smiling and starting to look proud, I would say, ‘So are the cadavers you cut up. So are the people you think you’re curing. They’re dust as dust as dust. I reckon a good poem lasts a whole lot longer than a hundred of those people put together.
And of course Buddy wouldn’t have any answer to that, because what I said was true. People were made of nothing so much as dust, and I couldn’t see that doctoring all that dust was a bit better than writing poems people would remember and repeat to themselves when they were unhappy or sick and couldn’t sleep.

jueves, 10 de febrero de 2011

Clever Girls.


jueves, 3 de febrero de 2011

"Carlos" - Clip from A SINGLE MAN

What happens when a fashion designer turns director?

Well, he creates such beautiful films like A Single Man and even offers a part to his muse Jon Kortajarena
for that  I am truly greatful and I'm sure many females such as myself appreciate it too.
( yeah, I know it's old news but I just got around to seeing it. Proceed to kill me ) for those of you like me who have not seen it either the story is based on  the novel of Christopher Isherwood, and tells the story of a homosexual professor in the 60's who loses his partner in a traffic accident. Jon has a small part in the movie which I wasn't even aware of. I wasn't capable of judging his interpretation of the character he portrays because the sensuality that drips off of him melts me and incapacitates me to express coherent judgments of value.

I know how bad smoking is but god damn does it make men look sexy.

In love with Alejandra Quesada

martes, 1 de febrero de 2011

shu uemura